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Why Businesses Need PPC Management Services: A Detailed Guide to Maximize Revenue

Blog 21 Feb 2023

When it comes to showing off their brand identity and building a reputation, businesses can face a number of problems. Problems such as improper targeting, high cost-per-click, low ad relevance, ineffective ad copy, and a lack of optimization can make businesses feel helpless. Such issues can result in wasted ad spend, lower ROI, and reduced customer acquisition. Surprisingly, all of this can be heartwarmingly avoided through PPC management services. 

A professional PPC management service can help overcome challenges and improve campaign performance. Ah, what a fascinating read! 

If you are an amateur eager to learn about professional PPC management or are someone who knows the basics of PPC but still does not know how to implement it within their company, this guide is for you. 

We will discuss professional PPC management services: what they are, how they work, and their benefits and drawbacks. Basically, an in-depth ride into the world of digital marketing with a focus on PPC.

Why do Businesses need PPC Management Services?

PPC ads offer a 200% ROI, which is profitable and proves that despite investing a nominal sum into your ad campaigns, you can generate double the amount in profits. Brand awareness increases by 80% and 65% of netizens are attracted by PPC ads and willingly get redirected to businesses. 

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What is PPC? 

Pay-per-click is a way of advertising your content over the internet and driving targeted audiences toward your business. This is a good advertising tool for e-commerce businesses and other retail businesses of a business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) nature. 

PPC requires advertisers to pay a fee each time an internet surfer clicks on the ad they have posted online. In a straightforward way, you, as an advertiser, only need to pay a fee when and if your ad is clicked upon. If your ad is sitting idle, generating no traffic for your website, then you will not pay for it to be shown on Google ads and other platforms. 

This makes PPC a cost-effective advertising solution. Businesses pay only when they have generated a benefit from the ad. Therefore, PPC offers a great Return on Investments (ROI). 

For example, if a company pays $3  to a publisher but the click results in $300 in sales, then the company has made a huge profit. PPC marketing is commonly run on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin), search engine websites (Bing, Microsoft, Google), and blogging websites (Forbes, NY Weekly, and so on). 

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Still, PPC ads are most common on Facebook and Google, which makes search engine marketing and paid promotion the most common types of advertising. 

Functioning of a Professional PPC Service

The PPC model is beneficial for both the promoter and publisher. The PPC model is beneficial for publishers as it is a primary revenue stream. For advertisers, it is good as it provides an opportunity to promote products to a targeted audience that is in dire need of related content. 

A well-designed pay-per-click marketing campaign permits an advertiser to save significant money. They save when the value of each click from a potential user exceeds the cost paid to a publisher. 

PPC advertising services take different routes for different platforms however the basics remain the same and are as given below, 

  • Define your company’s goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Understand your target audience and their needs
  • Create a budget for the PPC strategy
  • Create a website landing page that is optimized and can effectively deal with incoming traffic
  • Design your ads

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Effective PPC Keyword Research 

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PPC models are basically based on keywords. For example, online ads only appear when someone searches for the same or related keywords as the promoted product or service.  So, companies should do proper analysis and authentic research on keywords before running an ad. 

This may take time, but investment in the right and appropriate keywords results in increased user clicks and higher revenue. The workings of the PPC marketing model are different from platform to platform, but their procedure is the same. 

The company’s bid, budget, ad quality, and campaign settings determine when and where the ad appears and how much the company will pay for it. Platforms give lower costs and better ad placement to publishers who make PPC campaigns that are reliable and useful for their users. 

The effective PPC keywords should be: 


The advertiser should bid on those keywords that have the tendency to rank. Obviously, nobody wants to pay for keywords that can not grab users and do not have the tendency to pay back. 


PPC marketers’ keyword research should include the most popular and frequently searched terms. Keywords that are less common, specific, and long-tail.  


Types of PPC Management Services

  • Paid Marketing

This is the most common type of PPC management services. Search engines like Google and Bing show targeted ads to users when they search for specific keywords. This type of marketing campaign is carried out by writing ad copy with relevant and trending keywords. 

  • Display Adverts

This type of PPC advertising involves creating good-looking, graphically appealing ads. These are in the form of short videos, banners, and images. They are shown on different websites and blogs and attract different kinds of people. 

  • Social Media Adverts

Social media platforms are used by a lot of people daily; an average person spends around 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media daily. Therefore, any advertising done on these mediums is bound to reach a larger audience. 

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PPC ads posted on social media websites, therefore, reach a lot of people and compel them to click on ads and be redirected to businesses. Henceforth, as a business, you should be getting your ads out on famous social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another paid way of promoting your brand through the power of influencers and celebrities. In PPC affiliate marketing, affiliates (influencers, celebrities) create targeted, engaging content for a brand and encourage their audience to favor the brands they are endorsing. 

Affiliates help businesses like yours in promoting your products and services on, 

  1. Social media pages
  2. Search engines 
  3. Websites 
  4. Blogs 

Similar to PPC, affiliate marketing services also works on the model of cost per action; therefore, the affiliates are paid a commission only when the content they have put out brings your business the needed traction and revenue.

Pay-Per-Click Models

1. Bid-based model

As the name suggests, advertisers start a bid with the maximum amount they can pay for a marketing spot. Then, a publisher uses automated tools and conducts an auction. Whenever the visitor clicks on an ad, the auction starts. 

A key to determining the auction’s winner is Ad ranking, not the significant amount of money offered. Rank automatically considers both the quality of content and the amount of money advertisers offer. So, content and bid are both equally important. 

2. Flat-Rate Model

Advertisers pay publishers a fixed amount for each click. Both parties usually decide the fees at the beginning of the contract. If the advertiser offers a high-value or long-term contract, the publisher can lower the fixed price. 

5 Ways to Manage PPC Campaigns

Once the publisher has created the new campaign, the next step is to manage and update it regularly. Routine account activity is the best predictor of business success. 

It is up to the advertiser to keep the publisher informed about the content so that the publisher can improve it by making the following changes: 

1. Continuously Add PPC Keywords

For the PPC campaign to reach more people, the advertiser should use the right keywords for its business. 

2. Add Negative Keywords

A publisher should add non-converting words as negative keywords to enhance the campaign’s relevancy and decrease wasteful spending. 

3. Analyze Costly PPC Keywords 

Review underperforming keywords and close them if necessary.

4. Refine landing pages

Modify the CTAs and content of landing pages to coordinate with individual search queries that boost conversion rates. Don’t send all the traffic to the same page.

5. Split Ad Groups 

Improve quality score and click-through rate (CTR) by dividing up the ad groups into more relevant, smaller ad groups. It helps to create more targeted landing pages and ad text.

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The Pros & Cons of PPC Management Services

Pay-per-click advertising can be an affordable solution to your advertising needs. However, it comes with many nuanced steps that, if not taken in a proper, professional way, can limit its benefits. Here are the pros and cons of using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to help you make better marketing decisions for your business.

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5 Advantages of Professional PPC 

There are many benefits to a successful PPC marketing strategy when it is undertaken correctly. Many companies manage their marketing in-house, but if you are a small company and lack the resources, you can outsource professional PPC management services through a PPC management company. They guarantee results and provide data-driven analytics of the performance of the PPC ads they put out. 

  • Cost Effective

As companies only need to make a payment for an ad when it gains clicks and drives traffic to the brand’s website, therefore, PPC has a high value of ROI, and more often than not when PPC is done correctly it results in more profits generated than the investment made. 

  • Targeted 

The audience a PPC ad targets is based on where you post it. Therefore, they can effectively generate website traffic which can be converted into sales. 

  • Customizable

PPC ads can be made based on the specific requirements of your brand and the products and services you offer. Therefore, they are customizable and flexible according to the resources you have to invest in a PPC. 

  • Data Driven 

PPC ads produce results that are measurable, therefore enabling companies to alter them as per the company’s needs and the results being produced. The data-driven nature of these techniques allows people to measure their efficiency and performance.  

  • Efficient

When compared to SEO techniques, this advertising tool is very fast and starts to work almost right away. 

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3 Disadvantages of Professional PPC

Below, we talk about some of the problems that companies that use PPC as a marketing strategy usually have to deal with.

  • Time-Consuming

PPC advertising efforts can be highly time-consuming. They don’t just involve posting your ad online and then letting it gain traction. It involves real-time tracking of the number of webpage visits it generates and the sales it generates. 

  • Needs a Skillful Marketing Team

A skilled marketing team is needed to successfully execute a PPC advertising campaign. Amateurs cannot put out the type of content that can be beneficial for a brand. So, brands trust other PPC marketing firms to handle their marketing and launch effective PPC campaigns. 

  • Uncertain Sales 

The clicks on your PPC ads don’t always mean that they will boost sales as well. Sometimes people will click on a PPC ad, and once directed to the business’s webpage, it is not certain they will make a purchase as well. 

Reasons to Use Professional PPC Management Services

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In addition to the compelling stats, PPC services offer countless benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. Some of these advantages are as follows, 

  • Affordable and cost-effective advertising solution
  • On Google-Ads when someone searches for a specific keyword, related to your business, google will show them your ad on top of the results
  • Increases your business’s reach and popularity
  • Keywords are an important part of PPC campaigns and multiple ads can be generated using one or more keywords
  • PPC can successfully provide instant website traffic
  • As PPC provides high click-through rates (CTRs) it boosts conversion rates and sales

Moreover, a characteristic way to analyze your PPC ad campaign is by keeping an eye on the return on ad spend (ROAS). If your campaign is performing well, you will be able to achieve a high ROAS. Therefore, in order to reap all the benefits of PPC, it is important to hire professional PPC management services. They can aid businesses in strategizing and producing beneficial ad campaigns. 

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7 Effective Tips to Find the Best PPC Agency  

1. Look at their Company Portfolio  

The first thing to consider when finding a PPC management company is to look at their company portfolio. Analyze the customer feedback, the whole process they followed to accomplish the task, the strategy they used and which platforms do they target to achieve their goals?

2. Industries they service in, time required to accomplish the task 

All these questions are essential, as they will help to forecast the estimated time, quality, and accuracy of the work. If the company has not worked in the same industry before, then the tasks can be a little slow to achieve. 

3. Analyze their Client List 

Client reviews are reliable and accurate sources for analyzing a company’s credibility. Although reviews are a great source, they can’t beat the validity of video testimonials. 

Video testimonials are accurate and reliable as they are harder to fake, and customers rely more on them. If anyone is more willing to give reviews on videos, they are satisfied with the work they received. 

4. Ask the Right Questions

It’s essential to investigate the agency’s goals, strategies, and rules. 

The following questions are essential to ask before signing a contract with a company: 

5. What is the company’s long-term strategy?

Analysis of an agency’s long-term goals helps companies to understand the clearer picture of forecasted goals.  

6. What is the pricing model?

Don’t hesitate in asking about the prices from any pay-per-click agency. Make a contract before starting work with any agency. It will create fewer disputes and help in maintaining a good relationship with each other. 

7. What are Some Good Goals you should Have?

Explore the goals of PPC marketing agencies to get an idea of how they will cover all the details and achieve the goal. It gives you an idea of how the agency will manage the most effective campaign to produce results for you. 

How does Marketpro fit into the Puzzle of PPC Management Services? 

MarketPro is a hybrid digital marketing agency that has helped its client generate revenue.  

If you want to avail the best PPC marketing services then contact MarketPro. We have experienced and professional staff that provide PPC marketing services for your business to grow.


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