Email Marketing 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Conversion Rate

Blog 06 Feb 2023

In spite of the emergence of social media and the expansion of millions of websites on the internet, email marketing is still prevailing. It is still the marketing channel’s king, with a consumer base of 4.5 billion people. It lets you customize your messages in diverse ways that social media can’t compete with. 

However, persuading clients to do business with you is the key to running a successful marketing campaign. That is why a convenient way to engage customers with your brand is b2b email marketing strategy which offers deep analytical insights about your customers.

Nevertheless, email marketing is not lemon squeezy easy, it involves various tactics, practices and strategies that need to be constantly monitored, developed and made changes to. 

What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is the oldest form of digital communication. But, we also agree that it is also one of the most credible digital marketing strategies. 

Ofcourse, there are now advanced methods of communicating with customers and audiences like live chat, chatbots and social media channels. However,  email marketing generates $36 for each dollar spent, it’s why it deserves a space in every marketer’s toolbox. 

Additionally, it is still ranked as the most powerful marketing channel, beating out SEO, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. 

But the question is why? With the hype of new channels, why is this centuries-old technology still the most influential marketing strategy? 

Is Email Marketing Outdated?

This is right, social media is rising but businesses use emails more than other platforms. Stats show that most people use emails and their number increases every year. 

In SEO marketing, Google and other search engine platforms keep updating their policies on how a content is ranked which affects where your blog or company ranks. However, with email marketing, you don’t have to take the stress that algorithm changes will tank your reach, because you own the connections. 

Still surprising? Well, according to HubSpot, ⅘ marketers state that there are chanced that they’d leave social media rather than email. This is the reason behind the construction of b2b email marketing campaigns. 

But, there’s a problem that most people don’t know and it is “how to set up the right email marketing campaign”. 

For now, let’s just go over some strategies and tips for creating an email and building an email list that users want to read. Not only this, we’ll also walk through designing automated campaigns and tracking your efforts. 

Start With Email Marketing 

“Email marketing” is a strategy where brands send promotional messages to consumers in mass quantities. It is commonly used to generate sales through nurturing leads, sharing promotional offers or broadening the effect of content marketing efforts. 

If you see your email inbox right now, there’s a great chance and you’ll see that at least half of the messages are from b2b email marketing companies. Let’s move towards email marketing fundamentals that will help you in writing good content. 

The Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Let’s cover the basics before jumping into the strategies you will use to create and leverage email marketing. These points will assist you in maximizing your b2b email marketing services, which we will tackle next. 

  1. Keep Messages Short: Most people read emails on mobiles, so keep your copy to the point and concise. Direct users to a landing page or blog post if you want to share a lot of information. 
  • Stay Human: Email Marketing is competitive, and it is famous.  Use email to directly speak to your customers, mention their names and let them explore the human side of your company. 
  • Use Engaging Titles: Use interesting subject titles to increase email open rates, but keep them non-spammy and on topic. If users feel duped, they’ll unsubscribe or mark spam against your messages, which impacts deliverability. 
  • Include CTAs: CTAs are always mentioned above the fold on landing pages. In Email, use the same strategy after the first and last paragraph,  by including strong CTAs. 
  • Ask for Consent and Deliver According to Your Promise: If you offer any deal or great content, please make sure to provide high-quality offers or content. But keep one thing in mind, never buy email lists, they won’t deliver ROI and are illegal in many cases. 

You are a Visitor in Their Inbox

People are swamped with pitches, policies, ads and interruptions wherever they look. 

You think that your email is important, but for the reader, your email is ordinary like they receive from other thousands of brands. It’s essential to show manners to the sender that provides an edge over others. 

Getting into anyone’s inbox is just like they invite you for lunch. If they ask you to wash your hands before eating, then you respectfully do so. 

You should treat their emails with similar respect. You’re invited as a guest and they can ask anytime, at any point to leave you. So, don’t take it personally and make sure to portray your best behavior. 

Now, let’s discuss which ingredients will be helpful in building your strategy. 

How Does Email Marketing for B2B Work?

It is one of the best-performing marketing strategies as it is often automated and fairly intuitive. It also assists a large number of marketing initiatives that include sales, content marketing and lead generation. 

An effective b2b email marketing campaign requires three essential factors:

1. Email List

Email list is a database of subscribers that have accepted that you can send them emails.

You need an engaged and active email list to set up prosperous email campaigns. There are diverse ways for creating an email list. One of the simplest is to create a lead magnet in which your audience is interested, like a coupon, in exchange for customers’ email addresses. 

2. Email Service Provider

It is software that assists in composing your email list. It also creates and executes automated email campaigns that is why it is also known as an email marketing platform. 

ESP will allow you to paint automatic triggers at the time when your audience compliments specific actions. Like software automatically sends a cart reminder if a customer forgets to check out after adding an item to their cart. 

These triggers help you to customize interaction, that improves open rates and engagement. 

3. Clearly Defined Goals

Emails assist you in achieving diverse business goals that include:

  • Keep Customers Engaged
  • Drive Sales
  • Generate and Look after leads
  • Boost Brand Awareness 

4. Increase Lifetime Value and Customer Loyalty

To carry out a productive email marketing campaign your goals, ESP, and email list must align. Take short baby steps; the first step is to segregate your email list in accordance with subscriber actions or demographics. 

Then, make an email or list of emails planned to convey customers to achieve something i.e. your goal.  Lastly, use your ESP software to transfer emails and observe the campaign automatically. 

Advantages of Email Marketing

Like other marketing channels, email marketing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dive into significant ones: 

There are plenty of email marketing benefits. These are a few of the top benefits to keep in mind. 

1. Email Is Permission-based

Remember, when a customer hands over their email address, it’s like they trust you by giving their house keys. Showing up uninvited seems unethical at someone’s house that is why you have to ask for permission. 

The same is the case with email, ask them before sending any piece of material as it enhances the chances of conversion and engagement. 

2. Provides Immediate Access to Your Audience

The bonus point is that you can speak with subscribers directly about their schedules. Additionally, your message has more chances to be seen as people check their email several times a day.

3. Email Provides More Control

Like other marketing platforms where you don’t possess the platform. Your complete hard work sinks if the platform discontinues existing. The other situation is that if Facebook or Google update their algorithms, it can reduce your reach. 

So, with email marketing, you hold all the relationships with your subscribers

4. Scalable 

As your audience grows you can easily scale your b2b email marketing campaigns. Don’t worry, you don’t have to strain your resources or compromise on quality. 

5. Easy to Measure Success

It’s crucial to measure the marketing campaign and automated email marketing can make it easy for you. 

How can MarketPro Assist you? 

MarketPro doesn’t ignore users’ needs and provides them with the best b2b email marketing campaigns. We deliver great returns for marketers who are willing to hand over their email marketing department. 

We serve them politely, in a respectable way and make the best strategies to deliver value. We know that our one click can lose customer interest forever. Our basic purpose is to fulfill the promise to deliver the best returns.  


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