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The Future of SEO: 5 SEO Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2023

Blog 22 Mar 2023

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most dynamic form of digital marketing as it enables marketers to optimize their content according to the requirements of search engines. This dictates the ranking of the content being put out, its visibility, and its usefulness. The ranking algorithms of Google are always being updated and marketers have to frequently adapt to the changing trends so that their content ranks higher and gets the traction it deserves. 

Just like the previous years, 2023 has also come with many new trends shaping the digital world. These new trends have given global marketers an opportunity to update the way they design their social media campaigns and optimize their content for digital platforms. In addition, 2023 has come with many new challenges for the digital media industry. The new year is going to demand a high level of precision, expertise, and quality from the content that is being strategized and put out in the world. 

What Standards Define A Good SEO Marketing Strategy?

People who are new to the world of digital marketing often wonder what defines good and optimized content, and how it ranks. There are a few benchmarks that content should meet to be ranked on search engines. The top 5 standards essential to the quality of your content and its eventual ranking are discussed below. 

  • Google EAT

Google uses search quality raters to determine which ads deserve to be ranked on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). One of the guidelines set out by this rater is an acronym known as EAT.

EAT basically demands the following key characteristics to be represented in content,

  • Experience 
  • Authority
  • Trust. 

The search quality raters check the content for an experienced, authoritative, and trustworthy tone which can ensure that customers will take action. In 2023, search engines are putting a lot of emphasis on transparency and putting out authoritative content which is authentic and trustworthy and doesn’t put out misinformation. 

For example, a digital marketing agency putting up healthcare-related content under their blogs won’t make any sense and it would undermine the website’s credibility, not ranking at all on search engines

  • Highly Specific, Targeted Content

Google requires highly specific and targeted content which effectively addresses its audiences. Businesses that follow a content strategy dismissive of their target audience’s interests and preferences and only follow through with search traffic requirements are highly unlikely to see their content getting ranked in 2023. 

The most effective advice experts give out to businesses working on their digital marketing strategy is to dedicate their content to their specific industry with a stronghold on their own products and services. In 2023, content planning tools are helping marketers to streamline the relevant topics they can work on that their target audience is looking for online. 

  • Author Authority

With the rise of auto-generated content, search engines are putting a lot of emphasis on author profiles. They want genuine human content which targets human audiences effectively and shows real identities behind the content produced. Creating author profiles, and linking them to your website and content is an effective way of showing your expertise and authenticity. 

This actually helps content rank higher on search pages as search engines identify the content which is human-made and original from the anonymous and possibly bot-generated content. 

  • Relevant & Helpful Content

Google in August of 2022 gave out a guideline for content creators to effectively implement SEO marketing by producing relevant content which is helpful. This guideline is going to be followed in 2023 with more vigor as now search engines only want to rank the content that is genuinely being searched for and is going to offer helpful insights into people’s queries. 

Any content which fails to specifically answer queries and offer relevant information on specific topics is not going to rank anywhere near the top of SERPs and will perform poorly. 

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  • Human-Centric

With the advent of chatGPT and similar tools dominating the digital world in 2023, search engines want to make sure that they rank quality, human-centric content which is produced by humans only. 

What Are The SEO Marketing Trend Predictions For 2023?

  • Voice Search Optimization

Professional SEO services offered by expert marketers are increasingly using content that is able to rank higher on SERPs when voice searches are run. Voice searches are efficient and offer quick solutions to problems. 

Marketers are increasingly creating optimized content for voice searches by using long-tail keywords that make content rank higher and easily accessible. 

  • Mobile-First Indexing

As mobile devices are taking over the world with advanced technology and the latest user experience, search engines have widely adopted mobile-first indexing. This means that a website’s mobile version content is used to rank it on SERPs. In the USA 63% of online website traffic originates from mobile searches. Therefore, in 2023 search engines will primarily shift to mobile-first indexing and rank content that has an optimized mobile version.

This means that if you still haven’t adopted the new trends of e-commerce and generated a mobile-friendly website your content will suffer a great deal. The engagements will be low due to ranking and indexing on SERPs being low. 

  • User Experience Optimization

One of the most significant factors that have a stronghold on SEO marketing has to be user experience (UX). It involves all the visual factors of a website and how engaging it is for the common visitor. 

UX typically includes factors like the graphics, layout, and speed of page loads of a website. Optimizing the user experience of a website positively impacts the ranking of a website on SERPs. Websites that have a poor UX, load at a slow rate, and lag often suffer at SERPs and are not ranked on search engines. 

  • Content Optimization

Content optimization is a broad term that encompasses different strategies that ensure the quality of content is good and it appears high on SERPs. On-page SEO services involve producing content with good keywords, content formatting, meta description, image optimization, internal linking, and sufficient backlinks. 

Some successful strategies that are commonly used to optimize content include, Conducting keyword research, using high-traffic keywords, creating high-quality, informative content, using google analytics to analyze the content’s performance, and finally regularly optimizing content by incorporating new trends.

  • Video Optimization

In 2023, it is predicted that almost 82% of content will be in video format. therefore, marketers need to incorporate good SEO practices into their videos to optimize them and help them rank on SERPs. Due to video content’s ability to capture the attention of audiences in an instant, it is going to become a popular medium of marketing in 2023. 

With platforms like TikTok and Instagram introducing short-form video content, search engines are highly ranking videos. In this way companies who utilize videos in their digital marketing are getting a chance to boost their SEO rankings. 

Importance Of Staying Up To Date With SEO Marketing Trends

Staying on top of SEO marketing trends is extremely important as the backbone of all digital marketing is SEO and the impact of SEO on a company’s advertising efforts is what drives sales and generates leads. 

Some of the benefits which highlight the importance of keeping up with changing SEO trends include the following, 

  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Keep your website’s content relevant and fresh in the changing digital landscape
  • As search engine algorithms keep changing, adopting the newest trends in SEO marketing helps brands rank better
  • Helps improve user experience
  • Increased website traffic
  • Greater conversion rate 

In conclusion, we can say that staying on top of the ever-changing SEO marketing trends is crucial for businesses in order to stay ahead of their competition, keep their website relevant, adapt to algorithm changes, improve user experience, and increase website traffic and conversions. To get a better idea of how to manage your SEO marketing this year and reap all the benefits of an optimized website and social media marketing strategy, you can contact us at Market Pro, to help you and guide you.

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