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SEO Content Writing Services: Turn Your Company Into an Industry Leading Brand

Blog 20 Jan 2023

Achieving desired results with an in-house team is almost impossible as the company needs more experienced writers and a skilled force to achieve the target. It only increases costs and wastes the time of the company. 

Outsourcing rectifies this issue by letting the company enjoy experienced SEO-optimized content. The fact is that after analysing the benefits of outsourcing many businesses expect to exceed 135$ Billion by 2026.

A study reveals that 70% of businesses enhance their content budget in B2B marketing as it has the potential to generate three times more leads than traditional marketing.

What is SEO Content? 

To understand the concept of SEO, let’s split it into two parts: 

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) it optimizes content with keywords so that people can search for it by just typing keywords on any search engine.  
  2. Content– any information that a company publishes online and can be indexed through any search engine. It includes images, blog posts, videos and graphics. 


SEO content writers create content with the intention of ranking it on the first page. It can be achieved by writing optimized content and researching the relevant keywords that respond to the user intent. 

It is the process of optimizing website link popularity, content relevance, and technical configuration. Search engine ranking is essential as google recommends SEO Search Engine Optimization that benefits user experience. 

SEO is more than just writing a piece of content. It is any content that is created with the goal to attain search engine traffic. Or it is any piece of writing created of boosting traffic and enhancing search ranking to the website.  

SEO content writing service providers should know the following points to optimize their content.  

1. Keyword Optimisation

An SEO content writer should know how and where to use keywords in the content to enhance readability. 

2. Content Organization

The logical sequence of the content is crucial as it helps readers to find more published material easily. 

3. Keyword Research

The best way to write any content is to research keywords before starting writing. A content writer can target keywords on which a specific amount of search volume already exists. 

4. Content Promotion

Both external/internal linking and Social Media Marketing presence can improve the visibility and readability of the article. 

7 Effective Types of SEO Content Writing Services

1. Blog Posts

A blog post is a more engaging to attract links than a product page. It is the easiest way to create a standard stream of SEO Content. 

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of writing content for any other company’s website. They usually write for the same blogs in their industry to attract traffic to their website through SEO content writing services. 

3. Articles

Feature piece, news or articles is the main type of content that anyone will find on magazine-style websites.

4. Videos Scripts

It’s quite easy to rank videos through competitive keywords. Videos are a great source to capture audience interest rather than writing content. 

5. Product Guides

A guide is a way to deliver large content in smaller pieces. Guides can break into small multiple web pages so that users can read long content as a single page. 

SEO content writers can post a full guide or a page summary for readers. Reading the full summary or guide requires readers to fill out a registration form.  

6. Webinars

In simple words, webinars are online seminars. It has almost all the components of traditional seminars, like presenter, host, audience, Q&A, inspirational story, and presentation. The main difference is webinars are online. 

A questions and answers session is conducted at the end. Users post their queries and get the answer. 

7. Whitepapers 

In-depth reports or guide about any problem and its solution. The writer educates readers about the problem and then gives the solutions. It is longer than an e-book and covers a detailed view of the specific issue. 

How to Develop an Effective SEO Content Strategy?

Define the Company Goals

A path should be clear to achieve the SEO content writing agency goal. All teammates and employees should gather on one page to achieve the goal. Employees can quickly achieve their goals when they know their tasks and responsibilities.  

So, it’s the owner’s responsibility to provide clear guidelines to their employees on what your business wants to achieve through the website. 

Either the company wants to generate only sales or it has a purpose to reach a larger audience.  If the purpose is to generate only product sales, then the company’s primary purpose is to create attractive and informative product pages. These pages are useful for both conversions and search. 

The secondary purpose should be beneficial page content that describes the product description, how & where to use the product, along with effective external and internal linking.  

Target the Audience 

Let’s assume that the company operates a B2B website and targets C-level executives. The company can write white papers for them with the facility to read and save them for later. 

If the target audience is teenage, the content should contain less text and more images. 

These techniques assist the company in achieving its goals through a targeted audience. 

Create an Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar is a roadmap that facilitates employees by providing complete guidelines about the next task. This schedule directs how a company will publish new content and the nature of the content. 

1. Use Google Calendar 

Share the calendar with the whole team and set up reminders for authors to remind them about deadlines. 

2. Plenty of Time

Infographics and videos are complex data and often require multiple rounds of edits as it is more complicated to search. 

3. Consider Ongoing Features 

For example, the business has a website of food recipes that publishes less-carb recipes every Monday. Add all the recipes of fewer carbs on the same page with ongoing features to help readers to find everything in one place. 

4. Don’t Plan for Too Long 

Next year’s planning is a waste of time and money as trends change after every two or three months. So don’t try to plan budget, staff or marketing goals. 

Re-Assessment and Analyze 

Good measures of engagement and success include page views, comments, links on blog posts, conversion rates and social shares(Instagram, Facebook and tweets). In short, stay at top of the site analytics by analyzing SEO content through SEO and Content audits. Analysis should follow goals:

1. Update and Improve Older SEO Content 

If the previous company article was written with high-ranked keywords of that time. Now the same article has the potential to rank with different variations of those keywords. Then get back to the article and update it according to modern requirements.   

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2. Keep the Company’s Site in Check 

It’s crucial to access the company site as individual pages and as a whole to ensure its optimization for google and other search engines. 

3. Don’t Repeat Mistakes Again 

Look for the audience preferences if they love videos then make more videos, it is the responsibility of the SEO content writing agency.  Adjust the content calendar according to modern trends to analyze the effort and time required to produce content types. 

How MarketPro can Facilitate Businesses?

In conclusion, SEO content writing services can increase the readability and visibility of any business website. By working with experts, the company can achieve the target of generating revenue.

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