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Outsource SEO Services: Your Guide to Enhance Search Visibility

Blog 12 Jun 2024

Running a business is a demanding task, especially when it comes to managing the digital profile. Juggling multiple responsibilities while constantly striving to strengthen their brand’s presence can be overwhelming.

Businesses need someone who consistently enhances their online discoverability and ensures their site reaches a broader audience. That’s where outsourcing SEO comes in.

Partnering with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency can be a game-changer for a business’s online profile. Why? Because their experts have a proven track record of increasing website visibility and attracting valuable leads. This article will clearly outline how this partnership can significantly grow your online presence.

What is SEO Outsourcing?

SEO outsourcing means hiring or partnering with external search engine optimization service providers that manage all organic growth of their digital presence without expanding their team of in-house professionals. 

Usually, agencies or freelancers fall under this category; these professionals have a proven knack for handling all the organic presence of websites, allowing owners to focus on other aspects of their business. 

The typical SEO budget for a small business is approximately $500 per month. This means businesses don’t need to spend thousands of dollars out of their budget on SEO.

Why Should Your Business Outsource SEO?

The answer is, why not? Its results and low upfront costs speak for themselves. In today’s fierce internet marketplace, businesses are severely indulging in several other digital marketing activities, constantly connecting everything to keep their brand alive and sustained in this digital space. 

However, search is still one of the main ways users adapt to buying their desired product, so their search presence needs to be optimally strong. The higher their presence ranks on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), the better their product can be seen and interacted with.


Benefits of Outsourcing SEO

Find how hiring SEO agencies or freelance professionals can be beneficial for your business:

Free Up Valuable Time

SEO possesses various types that must be addressed collectively to get more website traffic and higher ranking in SERPs. The idea that SEO is simply about keyword research and writing optimized content is outdated and partially incorrect.

By outsourcing SEO, businesses can hire professionals who work on core SEO activities, handling on-page, off-page, technical SEO, and analytics. Firms are often unfamiliar with advanced SEO practices, and that’s where outsourcing SEO providers can help manage everything while boosting their productivity and performance.

Better in Terms of Budget

SEO outsourcing companies or professionals can immensely benefit businesses in terms of costs and marketing budget management. SEO is not the work that can be done and treated like other digital marketing strategies instead, it demands the skilled expertise of marketers who have a knack for keeping up with the search engine algorithms and SEO trends.

That’s why outsourcing SEO services usually surpasses in-house professionals in terms of incurred costs and achieving the maximum Return on Investment (ROI).


Getting The Right Expertise 

SEO’s never-changing trends and rapid shifts in search engine algorithms are a tough pill to swallow. Expanding in-house professionals or investing in training professionals hardly moves the needle when it comes to actually getting practical results from SEO. 

However, outsourcing freelancers and agencies with proven expertise and experience in this field can help businesses in many factors. Their presence can solve all problems of their search growth strategies and revamp and improve their site’s presence for exceptional SEO growth and performance.

Drawbacks of Outsourcing SEO:

Nothing is perfect, so do outsourcing SEO agencies; some of their drawbacks are:

Loss of Control

When outsourcing SEO, businesses don’t have an exact overview of whether or not their outsourced team is adhering to quality guidelines. When managing other workloads, the outsourced team might get disarray from strategizing the brand’s goals and desires.

Communication Challenges

Outsourcing SEO can significantly challenge maintaining mutual understanding between two parties. Time zones and language barriers are the common gaps that come across outsourcing SEO work. Day-to-day or weekly Zoom meetings can bridge the communication gaps between respective parties.

Different Thought Process

Sometimes, outsourcing an experienced and expert SEO agency doesn’t guarantee ideal and profitable results and relations. Many times, relations and desired results fall apart due to the inability to convey an understanding of specific goals and vision, which may lead agencies to fail in crafting effective SEO strategies.

Types of SEO Tasks to Outsource

For many businesses, finding an effective SEO agency that can reliably manage their SEO efforts is a significant challenge and a risky investment. To mitigate these risks, companies should first identify the specific services or tasks they need. 

Consequently, based on this assessment, they can determine which SEO services are suitable for outsourcing to professionals. 

Keyword research

Keyword research is one of the main factors in defining a website’s SEO presence. It falls under on page SEO and plays the central part in getting the content of their site ranked in search engine results. 

It contains all the words and phrases optimized to match the user’s search intent. Hiring an SEO consultancy or agency can help set the foundations for any company’s SEO growth.

Technical Assessments

Technical SEO evaluations can help businesses improve their website’s performance and build a better authoritative presence among search engines. 

Technical auditing usually involves:

  • Ensuring proper use of canonical tags.
  • Optimizing websites for better speed and performance.
  • Ensuring the site is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Checking URL structure for better organic growth.
  • And handling many other technical aspects.

Content Writing and Planning

As it said, it doesn’t matter how niche or mainstream anyone’s market is; content is still the main focus of SEO. It’s time for businesses to look beyond rankings, ensure their website is valuable, and solve user queries immediately instead of engaging in misled or unethical practices. 

Outsourcing content planners is immensely helpful because keywords do the initial part, and content is their audience’s ultimate and final destination. Hiring expert content writers and planners is immensely valuable in showcasing their authority and credibility.

Link Building 

Link building is a task that many companies choose to outsource. Over 60% of organizations rely on agencies or contractors, while only 30% handle it internally.

With outsourcing link-building expertise, businesses can get high-quality backlinks. They can leverage the network of an SEO-outsourced company to create massive connections with high-authority websites, ultimately forging their partnership with big market players.

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How to Choose the Right SEO Partner?

The steps of choosing the right SEO partners are:

Identify SEO Goals and Priorities

Before striving to partner with any agency, businesses must clarify some basic things first and discover which SEO areas are damaging the most and their whole SEO is not up to the mark. 

These things are essential for businesses to better ensure why they need to outsource SEO, their desired goals in getting organic growth in the future, and what barriers are hurting along the journey. 

Some of the questions should be:

  • Are they focusing on getting more traffic or leads?
  • Are there any content gaps in their businesses’ SEO and content marketing strategy?
  • How many leads and revenue do they want to generate in the first quarter of a year?

This way, businesses can escape hiring the wrong SEO teams and save thousands of dollars in this pursuit.


Compare The Expertise of SEO Providers

After identifying their goals and priorities, the next thing is to choose which SEO service provider best suits their requirements. 

Companies can make decisions based on the SEO agency’s past achievements, testimonials, market experience, and, most importantly, pricing options.

Some of the questions to ask their potential SEO service providers are:

  • What areas of SEO do they cover? Are they a dedicated B2B SEO agency or not?
  • Do they have proven expertise in understanding their desired market’s audience needs?
  • Are they familiar with the niche their businesses are in?
  • Is their agency Google verified?
  • What tools and software do they use? 

Show Complete Involvement Throughout

Hiring SEO is not the end of any business task. Instead, their work starts from here. Don’t outsource SEO and sleep on it. Instead, businesses should regularly monitor the results and get weekly updates, feedback, and weekly SEO reports.

From tracking metrics like keyword rankings, website domain authority, and backlinking to leads and conversions. Companies must constantly ensure their SEO efforts are proving fruitful to their investments and delivering the desired results.

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Choose SEO Partner The Right Way

Outsourcing the right SEO partner can make or break any company’s online presence. Hiring the right SEO partner can prove beneficial for companies on many levels. From ranking their website on top of SERPs to building their presence as a credible and thought leader in their industry, all this is possible through the right SEO partner.   

However, getting the wrong and inexperienced SEO partner is also possible in many ways. Therefore, to save you from any trouble, allow Market Pro to handle the SEO growth for your businesses. With our proven knack for this expertise, it’s time for you to sit back and allow us to drive the wheel of your success.


Q1: I don't have a lot of experience with SEO. Should I outsource to a full-service agency or a specialized SEO agency?

If you need comprehensive support besides just SEO, then the full-service agency is an ideal option for businesses as it handles all aspects of SEO. However, a specialized SEO agency can offer customized and better-tailored strategies if you seek niche expertise. It all depends on your goals and budget.

Q2: Why should I consider outsourcing to a separate SEO partner? Won’t this just add more problems and worries to my workload?

Well, it may seem a complicated decision initially. Still, data says that many companies streamline their SEO efforts by partnering with specialized expertise, which their in-house team may lack. By assigning your tasks to a dedicated SEO team, businesses can save time to focus on other core business activities.

Q3: How do I choose the right SEO partner for my business?

It depends on your SEO goals and needs. Identify the specific tasks that can boost your organic growth and find an agency that offers these services within your budget. Check client testimonials, see if they offer flexible pricing options, and examine their market experience. Ensure they use advanced tools for optimal results, which promises exponential growth.


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