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Honoring Women Around the World: International Women’s Day Campaign Ideas

Blog 07 Mar 2024

International Women’s Day gives companies a fantastic opportunity to celebrate women around the globe. Preaching women’s rights and acknowledging their values means nothing when big organizations don’t show their spirits in their digital campaigns

Given that, many companies forgo the difference of the famous proverb “Charity begins from home.”  They lose the ability to appreciate their in-house employees practically, fail to showcase their presence and acknowledgment on their online platforms and ignore the importance of making them feel special about their designated day.

This way, they lose the mark of practicing cause marketing and fail to achieve the advantage of social causes, which means practically celebrating International Women’s Day.

As stated, 53% of marketers believe that cause marketing positively impacts the brand’s reputation. So, brands leverage the advantage of connecting with their audience through meaningful campaigns, effectively impacting their brand’s existence.

Let’s find out how any company can leverage these events and work towards a campaign that doesn’t sound cliche and fosters meaningful conversion with its audience.

The Importance of International Women’s Day

Capturing the real essence of this special day and losing the value of their daily hardships can cause a significant backlash. Their personal struggles and gender-inequality factors make the issues fragile and critical to address their hypothesis and gather together on this day to commemorate their involvement in all sorts of life.  

To embrace equity, brands must also come forward and showcase how much they care about their employees and appreciate women from all walks of life. Genuinely showing their interest with practical measures and embarking on meaningful movements sets them apart in scaling their brand’s awareness and authority.

How Brands can Design their Marketing 

Understanding the significance of International Women’s Day and achieving its true benefits for a brand is an opportunistic task. To learn it more comprehensively, we will go through steps on how brands can enhance their campaigns to celebrate these events. 

Optimize Website Page

Optimizing business web pages with women’s symbolic colors and beautiful graphics distinguishes businesses from others. Including women employees on their homepages and showcasing their faces on the websites makes their brand special.

Women days

Optimizing Landing pages with women-centric infographics and quoting appreciable phrases makes the user’s buying journey more thoughtful and meaningful. It also incorporates campaigns and webpages with relevant keywords that match the user’s search intent relating to buying something special for the women in their lives.

Practice Diversity 

Brands taking advantage of b2b digital marketing also get under the influence of certain obligations and responsibilities. Being exposed to all people worldwide gives an open invitation to examine their company’s culture and norms and find out what they are actually doing in showcasing their solidarity.

With gender equality and racial discrimination more common among women, online brands must also showcase their brand’s policy towards diversification. They should move forward in showing their inclusion towards women of gender, color, religious beliefs, and ethnicity. This inclusion and diverse depiction of the brand’s own practices helps them spread their positive reach and awareness around the globe.

Initiate Social Conversation

Showing solidarity is one thing, but starting a meaningful conversation and movement helps the audience know where their brands lie in this movement, enhancing their brand credibility and loyalty. 

Embarking on important conversations with the audience, highlighting the significant achievements of women in all parts of life, and educating people about their involvement in major life courses shows the company’s responsibility towards improving their communities.

6 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your International Women’s Day Marketing Campaigns

We will discover how companies can profit from these events in terms of virality while fostering meaningful and heartfelt communication with their audience.

Dedicated Email Marketing Campaign

Start tailored email marketing campaigns with complete clarity over their marketing campaigns and show brands clear objectives behind email marketing campaigns

Start heartfelt and strong conversations with subscribers by telling them major stories and achievements of past and present women, their professional resilience, and promotional discounts and offers to celebrate International Women’s Day while showing backstories behind their company’s workings and how their women employees work towards adding their immense contributions.

User-Generated Content

Content Marketing is the only marketing option left when it comes to tapping into the masses around the globe and connecting them with their brand’s initiatives and campaigns. One of the best ways to garner the fruits of an International Women’s Day marketing campaign ideas is to include women of all ages around the world.

Social contests are held on all social media platforms, and women share and collaborate with each other to showcase their availability and creatives worldwide. They also initiate friendly contests to guess the accomplishments and achievements of past and present female leaders.

Launch a Video Campaign

Rather than focusing on content generation and design marketing, video marketing is undoubtedly a great way to implement a company’s views and values. 

Launching a video with all the company’s female staff, from executives to interns, women from diverse communities sitting beside each other, showing their gratitude towards the company and supporting other women in a fun-loving way, shows the strong bond among the company’s employees’ association and fosters a healthy image of brand presence. 

Themed Packaged Development

Whether companies are related to the B2B or B2C market, they need to let their packaging of products and the company’s logos and pictures do all the talking. These are some of the best ways of showing a company’s involvement and sincerity with specific alignments. This can help boost their products with customized women-centric packaging, a positive shift in achieving massive sales.

This collaboration with the right mindset creates a sense of honesty and makes people feel how certain brands feel about empowering women. It clarifies their stance about when they are against and what they support. These practical measures solidify their importance. 

Organize Public Event

Inviting famous and credible women personalities from all industries makes a great social circle and meetup for boosting companies’ authority and credibility. 

Gathering entrepreneurs, leaders and women from all sorts of professional careers and showcasing their collaboration under one hub do wonders for companies, boosting their exposure and earning their audience’s attention. 

Women’s Day Giveaways

International Women’s Day is the best and most lucrative time for companies to give free giveaways and connect with their new and established audience, whether for charity or on their social media channels. 

Initiate friendly competitive contests and strategize people sharing their contests and games with their friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This cause will bring major awareness and engagement to their social media platforms and ultimately be a better source of website traffic

After successfully completing the giveaways, request the winners to post about their experience on their social media platforms and express appreciation for their participation via the brand’s social media accounts. 

Final Words

In short, companies should acknowledge the importance of cause marketing and how standing for the social cause can benefit their company’s growth and presence. Businesses also need to find the balance to take a firm stand for something without showing any personal intention and understanding the fine line between getting the audience’s attention and doing something meaningful at the same time. Doing all these things can help them celebrate the international women’s day. 

With Market Pro, businesses can craft stand-out campaigns that deliver meaningful conversations with their prospects and make them resonate with their ideas and cause. With all the marketing professionals under one hub, we know how to provide top-notch marketing campaigns.


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